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ATX 25-60X65
Anyone who enjoys travelling or long days in the field needs a telescope that is compact and light. This telescope is perfect for anyone looking for outstanding optical performance, a large field of view and impressive close-range focusing, even with a relatively small 65-mm objective lens diameter.

Price in USD
Price: $4159.95
ATX 25-60X85
This telescope can do it all. No matter whether it’s taken on your travels or if you’re spending all day in the reed beds, with the 85-mm telescope you are well equipped for every situation. This is the best choice for anyone wanting to travel light and who also appreciates outstanding quality. Its light transmission, zoom range and close focus (3.6 m/11.8 ft) make it the perfect digiscoping tool.

Price in USD, please contact us.
Price: $4999.95


The large objective lens diameter enables observation in razor-sharp detail due to excellent light-gathering qualities even at high magnifications.

Fluoride-containing HD lenses minimise colour fringing (chromatic aberration) and deliver contrast-rich images with razor-sharp outlines. Ideal for digital photography through the telescope.

The angled version is eminently suitable for observing in comfort whether the birds are on the ground, in trees or in awkward positions such as high above in the sky .

Price: $3839.95
Taking functionality to a new level: the ATX / STX / BTX spotting scope system combines exceptionally flexible modularity with optical perfection. The objective lens can be changed to suit any viewing situation. Extreme detail recognition at crucial moments thanks to SWAROVISION technology and total ease of use ensure fascinating experiences in the great outdoors.
Price: $5399.95

The BTX combines the visual power of both eyes with a revolutionary viewing experience. Crucial subtleties can be seen with the crystal clear optics, with every detail now fully on show. A forehead rest and angled view guarantee comfortable viewing for hours on end. The benefits of binoculars and spotting scopes are combined in the BTX eyepiece module. It presents vivid, true-to-life images and offers the comfort required for long-term observation.
Price: $5799.95

Telephoto lens system

The TELEPHOTO LENS SYSTEM TLS 800 is suitable for all single lens reflex cameras - whether classic or digital.

It is a photographic lens and telescopic eyepiece in one. The telescope and single lens reflex camera combine to form a photo unit with a focal length of 800 mm. High-powered, compact and favourably priced.

Price: $949.95