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The Basic Standard Binoviewer Denkmeier Standard Binoviewer has brought amazing two-eyed views of planets, The Sun, The Moon and countless Deepsky objects to amateur astronomers around the world. We now offer a trimmed down Standard Binoviewer that is affordable to beginners and seasoned veterans alike. What we did not want to do was compromise on the quality. This large aperture Standard Binoviewer has the same 26mm prisms as it's Power Switching cousin but the eyepiece holders are Self-Centering Holders, not Self-Centering Diopter Holders. Individual focusing of each eyepiece is quickly accomplished by sliding one or the other up or down. The holders lock the eyepieces in without the use of setscrews. An internal split ring is collapsed equally over the 360 degree circumference of the eyepiece barrel for perfect alignment every time. A smooth sliding motion of the eyepiece remains possible even though the eyepiece is firmly retained in these holders. So, the eyepieces are Self-Centered (essential for proper merging of the images) and snugly contained, but still can be raised or lowered in the CNC machined, all aluminum anodized holders. This raising and lowering changes the focus in one or the other eyepiece to compensate for differences in your vision. No need to be concerned about vignetting 1.25" eyepieces with longer focal lenghts! Best of all, add any denkmeier accessory in the future because anything that we produce in the future will operate with your Denk Binoviewer purchased today.
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Price: $699.95

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